10 Aldi Items That Cost Way More At Walmart 

1. Toilet Paper: Aldi's toilet paper can be a cost-effective choice, helping you cut down on essential household expenses.

2. Frozen Fruit: Save on frozen fruit for smoothies and desserts with Aldi's competitive prices.

3. Ground Coffee: Aldi's ground coffee is a bargain, providing value compared to Walmart's coffee brands.

4. Dairy Products: Aldi's dairy offerings, such as milk and cheese, are often priced lower than Walmart's options.

5. Canned Vegetables: Stock up on canned vegetables at Aldi for less than Walmart's prices.

6. Almond Butter: Enjoy the cost savings on Aldi's almond butter, which can be more expensive at Walmart.

7. Spices: Many spices are more affordable at Aldi, making it a smart choice for your seasoning needs.

8. Olive Oil: Aldi's olive oil is a budget-friendly option for cooking and dressings, sometimes costing less than Walmart's brands.

9. Avocados: Aldi offers low prices on avocados, perfect for avocado toast or guacamole, while Walmart's avocados can be pricier.

10. Organic Eggs: Aldi's organic eggs are often cheaper compared to Walmart's prices, helping you save on a breakfast staple.

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